High-Resolution Image & Video Capture

Get the highest quality aerial imagery available today at incredible speed. We’re the industry leader in turnaround time, so you’ll have visibility on your building, worksite, or other assets in a couple days or less. Drones can capture the angles and level of detail not available from other forms of image capture, and our pilots use the most cutting-edge drone systems on the market.



Scalable Pilot Network

With the world’s largest, most well-trained network of professional drone pilots, including the majority of Part 107 operators, we can scale to meet your needs - anywhere, anytime. We can quickly scale operations up or down to fit your requirements for any industry or location. Custom shot-lists and training are available to ensure our solution is a perfect fit for your business.


Drone Data and Image Capture at Scale

Send large volumes of orders directly into our workflow and receive the data seamlessly back into yours. The DroneBase API enables our partners to work with us at scale nationwide, maximizing efficiency and saving time.



DroneBase Insights

Get actionable, near real-time data of your commercial properties with DroneBase Insights. Our reporting software provides enterprises with an end-to-end aerial property inspection solution that is fast and safe. By using drones instead of planes or satellites, you’ll receive the most recent, highest-quality imagery of your building to make the best decisions. With our integration of thermal data, you can even get insights that aren’t visible to the naked eye, detecting issues earlier, saving time and money.



Thermal Imaging

Thermal image inspection is utilized across multiple verticals as a key diagnostic tool for business-critical assets. Infrared technology provides a cost-effective and time-efficient tool for roofing, electrical, solar, energy, and data center inspections. Detect costly issues sooner - such as moisture entrapment under a roof membrane or a defective cell on a solar panel - that the naked eye can’t see. Our partnership with FLIR, the world’s largest and most advanced producer of thermal sensors, ensures that our pilots have the best equipment and training available today.



Third Party Integration

We’re designed to be an open platform to provide you with flexible applications. We can incorporate deep links between our Pilot App and yours, enabling our pilots to fly and capture data within your app. Whether you need raw aerial images alone, a pipeline of data into your workflow, or a full integration into your platform for your end customers, DroneBase can seamlessly integrate to fit your business needs.




DroneBase is the nationwide leader of drone services and solutions in your industry. Take your business to new heights with actionable, ROI-positive aerial data.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Property Management

Property Management

Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate



Other Industries

Other Industries




Who does DroneBase support?

Our clients include both end-users of our aerial imagery as well as channel partners across different verticals. Our channel partners either resell the aerial data we collect and/or add a layer of analysis to the data with their proprietary software for their own customers. Our goal is to enable our partners to have a scalable data acquisition solution that empowers them to grow their own customer base nationwide.


What is the best solution for me?

Visit your Industry page to learn about the different ways drones can add value to your business: from marketing & sales, to inspection & maintenance, to claims & underwriting. You’ll be able to make better-informed, real-time decisions about your most critical assets like never before. Place orders quickly in our Client Dashboard, or integrate with our API for large volumes of orders across the country.


How do we get started?

Our platform and operations are flexible to accommodate your business, such as your industry, size, and needs for aerial imagery. If you're an enterprise with nationwide presence and need data at scale, our team will work with you to create the best possible solution. If you're in real estate and need just a few (or less) flights, visit your Industry page and choose the best package for you. Still unsure? Get in touch!



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