Take Your Drone Pilot Career to New Heights
with Infrared Training

DroneBase has partnered with the FLIR Infrared Training Center (ITC) to offer exclusive discounts on the sUAS Level 1 Thermography Certification. This 4-day course provides focused training on aerial infrared inspections and applications, and is coming very soon to a city near you! Attendees who complete all training course requirements and a thermography field assessment will receive an sUAS Level 1 Infrared Thermography Certification that is recognized by industry professionals and includes many benefits, including eligibility for exclusive DroneBase Thermal Missions.


sUAS Level I Thermography Certification


Advance Your Skills

Apply thermography theory, science, and techniques, including interpretation of radiometric survey results specific to aerial applications. Learn how to plan your flight’s altitude and range-to-target for thermal information.


Receive Hands-on Training

Challenge yourself with field applications labs that closely simulate real-world infrared applications. Familiarize yourself with sUAS anatomy and inspection points. Professional instructors go in-depth with software and camera training.


Get the Advantage

This course will empower you to provide higher value services and reporting to your customers and open the doors to new ones. Being certified will enable you to distinguish yourself and rise above the competition.


Infrared Applications: Higher-Value Drone Flights


Roof Inspection

Thermal cameras make inspections safer and more efficient by identifying temperature differences caused by water damage.


Solar Panel Inspection

Hot spot defects on solar cells can be detected with infrared imagery during solar asset inspections.


Power Line Inspection

Loose contacts, or defects to fittings, cause thermal anomalies that can be detected for preventative maintenance.


Emergency Response

Thermal imaging cameras for search & rescue are essential to ID victims in trouble and extract them out of harm’s way.



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ITC Training Schedule & Details

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To learn more about our partnership with FLIR, the exclusive discounts we’re offering our Pilot Network, order instructions, and more, please visit our FAQ page at the link below.





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ITC Support

Have specific questions about the training? Want to talk to one of the experts? Click the link below to visit the ITC Support page to get more details on Infrared Training Center, the Certification, and more. You can also email or call ITC support directly:

Email: info@infraredtraining.com
Call: 1-866-TRAIN-IR (1-866-872-4647)