Dream. Fly. Build.

Our latest technology expands the realm of possibilities for drone users like never before.

Soar into the Skies of Augmented Reality

Welcome to DroneBase AirCraft (Beta), your new home for Augmented Reality. Use your drone to build anything you imagine in the sky, from race courses, to floating cities, to giant works of art.

Build It Your Way

You're an architect with endless possibilities. Whether you use AirCraft (Beta) for creative or commercial purposes, the sky's the limit. Need some inspiration? Scroll to check out a few of our favorite ways to build in the sky!

Back to Basics

We believe that less is more, so we've created a simple, fundamental block shape that you'll use to construct your projects. Have an idea? Fly with it! Take your reality to new heights by using the varying 3D blocks to design your world in the air.


Choose from 6 playful colors


Choose from 6 realistic textures


Use 3x3 or 5x5 multiblocks to build enormous structures fast

Ready to Start Building?

Join the thousands of drone pilots on our platform and see how rewarding drone flight can be.


Have more questions about AirCraft (Beta)? Visit our FAQ page for helpful answers to our most common questions.


AirCraft (Beta) Available in the DroneBase Pilot App: