Global Scale

We have tens of thousands of professional drone pilots all over the globe.



We’re building the most advanced technology to improve the drone operations layer.  



We’ve flown tens of thousands of missions to date and proudly serve major industry leaders across real estate, AEC, insurance, and beyond.


For the first time, we have the ability to open a vast and powerful resource that has been effectively closed to mainstream businesses: the sky. We envision a future where the skies are democratized & value can be created for the masses, and our services are making that vision a reality.

The use of airspace was limited before the commercialization of drones. It was the domain of those who could afford their own aircrafts such as presidents, generals, large corporations, and Fortune 50 CEOs. Otherwise, the entire experience of flight was still limited: it was highly centralized and passengers were granted no autonomy.

Drones have changed that. Today, anyone in the world has the potential to access the skies at will with a drone, and DroneBase aims to maximize the value of that space. Our mission - to provide fast, affordable, and reliable data - will accelerate the world to that envisioned future.




Our Founder


Dan Burton is the Founder and CEO of DroneBase, and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts from New York University. He initially became a drone enthusiast during his service as a Marine Infantry Officer in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2007 - 2011. 

Dan started his career as a Special Projects Assistant in the U.S. Senate, then analyzed industries for global corporations on Goldman Sachs’ Technology, Media & Telecom Group. Under Burton’s vision and leadership, DroneBase has become the trusted, go-to drone platform for aerial images and data for worldwide enterprise clients.


Board Members


Ed Forst

Fred Wilson

Greg Bettinelli

Ron Frankel


Headquartered in sunny Santa Monica, California, DroneBase is home to team members who are passionate about drones, solving challenging problems, and building cutting-edge technology. 


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